Archangel Stones Amethyst

Green Earth Stones

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Four Archangels symbols have been engraved on polished amethyst gemstones in a gold color finish.

Each set comes with four stones as shown in a drawstring pouch. 

Uriel, Guardian of the North, Earth Element, Keeper of Prophecy, Angel of Nature. Visions and Instruction. 

Gabriel, Guardian of the West, Water Element. Patron of Messengers, Angel of Resurrection. Mercy and Peace. 

Raphael, Guardian of the East. Air Element. Keeper of the Tree of Life and Healing Powers. Angel of Love, Joy and Laughter. 

Michael, Guardian of the South. Fire Element. Chief of the Archangels. Angel of Justice, Strength and Protection.

Stones approx. 1 3/4" 

 "May you always walk with the morning star to guide you, the summer sun on your back, and an angel by your side." —Author Unknown



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