Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone


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Lapis lazuli is said to be a crystal that's oozing in spiritual energy. In a sense, it's a timeless stone, which symbolizes our spiritual selves at their most expansive and wide open state, where we are able to learn anything we desire to know. As a tool, lapis lazuli can act as a reminder to us that the subtle spiritual realms are there and open to connection and exploration. Beautiful royal blue in color with flecks of golden pyrite.
The tree of life engraved upon the stone is a daily reminder that we are all connected with both mother earth and our spiritual realms. Balance is needed for well-being, having our roots firmly planted we can reach up to the spiritual realms for nourishment.

Size: 1.5" to 1.75"

Price is for ONE stone.
Supplied in a pretty organza pouch.

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