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2nd Chakra Blend Flower Essence


Product Description

The 2nd, or Swadisthana chakra can be found at the sacral center near the sexual organs, in the bright color orange. It expresses the element of water, representing flexibility and fluidity in reaching out toward non-attachment. The qualities of the 2nd chakra are aptly noted in these flower essences:

Almond Essence for moral vigor, or integrity, self control/moderation in our activities as well as our thoughts, and its potent inner flow of energy.

Blackberry Essence for innocent purity of thought rich in experience, in transitioning from the simplicity of the 1st chakra, with a strong sense of honor, seeing the best in others, and intuitive perceptions that include an awareness of higher realities.

Fig Essence for a fluid expression of flexibility to “go with the flow” as well as for relaxed self-acceptance, and lastly, a sense of humor.

Helps to Overcome: “wishy-washy” indecisiveness and vagueness  *unhelpful thoughts that do not serve us *door-mat behaviors of a weakened will *overcoming life’s many losses and letting them go in order to move forward *non-committal behavior *non-discrimination *non-discerning attitudes *being harshly perfectionist and rigidly over-disciplined with oneself.

About Spirit-In-Nature Flower Essences: They are prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom, in cobalt blue bottles with glass pipettes, tamper-proof shrink bands, and designer labels that match the colors of the corresponding chakras. To ensure their full shelf life, you’ll want to be sure to store the bottles upright, firmly sealed, and away from heat and humidity.


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