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6th Chakra Blend Flower Essence


Product Description

The 6th, or Ajna chakra, stands apart from the other chakras, as is polarized into a negative pole at the base of the skull (medulla oblongata) as well as a positive pole at found at the point between the eyebrows, also known as the spiritual, or third eye. We can say that the negative pole is the metaphysical seat of the human ego, while the positive pole represents liberation from that form. Its color is a distinctive indigo, or blue with shades of purple. The flower essences that can empower this chakra are the following:

Avocado Essence  for good memory, in helping us to be mindful, ultimately, of who we truly are, as we become free from the hypnosis of our supposed weaknesses and doubts about ourselves; and to remove the mental blocks we raise against unwanted experiences.

Corn Essence for mental vitality; for that point in time of reaching a crossroads in your life, for new and fresh beginnings, and also for moving forward without looking back; to help overcome sluggishness, laziness, procrastination and, most of all, unwillingness.

Pear Essence (also found in the 7th Chakra Blend Flower Essence) is the classic flower essence for inner peace, about learning to accept rather than resist life’s many trials; to help us release agitation and to see the silent gifts offered to us within our difficulties.

Helps to Overcome: *loss of individuality as it can be negatively perceived *sense of separateness from the world and others around us *self-centeredness and thus a loss of perspective *vanity *pride *loss of hope *ignorance

About Spirit-In-Nature Flower Essences: They are prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom, in cobalt blue bottles with glass pipettes, tamper-proof shrink bands, and designer labels that match the colors of the corresponding chakras. To ensure their full shelf life, you’ll want to be sure to store the bottles upright, firmly sealed, and away from heat and humidity.




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