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Irish Blackthorn Keychain

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This ancient timber has been used for centuries to make magical wands. This wood has an important part to play in Irish Heritage and Blackthorn is associated with connecting with the Otherworld, land and environment healing, invisibility and concealment, physical healing, and protection.  

Blackthorn can be used in spells of protection also. It is said in Irish tales that heroes were aided by the Blackthorn tree, if they threw a twig of Blackthorn after them, it would take root and form an impenetrable hedge or woods, thwarting the pursuing giant.  In England Witches would carve the Norse rune thorn on a Blackthorn stave for protection.

It is a sacred tree to the Dark, or Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, and represents the Waning and Dark Moons. Blackthorn is known as ‘the increaser and keeper of dark secrets’.

Blackthorn wood is known for its magical powers and its bloodline back to the Goddess Morrigan. 

The Blackthorn tree is esoterically known as both the Mother of the Woods and the Dark Crone of the Woods. 

Crafted by hand in the midlands of Ireland, branch off a local blackthorn tree that fell in a winter storm in 2020.

Irish Gaelic: Draighean

Size: 1 1/4" Price is for one keychain (the blackthorn is the darker wood in the photo)






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