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Incense Bricks 7 Chakras Fusion Kit


Product Description

Aromafume Incense Bricks are produced by a family owned company founded in 1900. Each incense brick is enriched with various natural ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, tree extracts, resins, leaves and flowers.

Traditionally, India was situated on the spice and frankincense trade route with a strong historical connection to incense.  Various natural herbs and spices made thier way to the Middle East and Europe. Our forefathers had a deep understanding of the principals of various aromatic ingredients used by traditional Ayurvedic practitioners. The interactions of spice trading and Ayurvedic principals created an exchange of knowledge and specifically the development traditional forms of incense. 

  • 1st Chakra - Muladhara or Root
  • 2nd Chakra - Swadhistana or Sacral
  • 3rd Chakra - Manipura or Solar Plexus
  • 4th Chakra - Anahata or Heart
  • 5th Chakra - Vishudda or Throat
  • 6th Chakra - Ajna or Third Eye
  • 7th Chakra - Sahasrara or Crown

Caution: Do not leave unattended. Never touch hot diffuser. Candle flame should never touch the copper plate. Incense brick will turn deep black and hard on usage. It will not melt. Discard used incense brick with biodegradable use. 

Box comes with info pamplet, tree of life burner, (this design not shown in photo) tealight, 14 incense bricks

For the Nag Champa incense bricks please click here.

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