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Scrying Mirror Plain Round

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Objects used for scrying are reflective, translucent, or luminescent. Ancient Greeks used the reflections in pools of water. Nostradamus used black obsidian bowls with water. The most common are any reflective black objects such as plastic, glass, water, or black semi-precious gemstones like black obsidian.

The scrying medium doesn’t matter as much as your ability to stare at an object and achieve a trance state.
Scrying means to perceive or reveal. Once in a trance state, using the acrylic mirrors as a portal, one could bring in hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability.


Non-Breakable Black Acrylic Mirror. 

Size: 8 inch round

Microfiber Sleeve for Protection and Cleaning. The Microfiber sleeve provides excellent protection for your mirror. It is also excellent for cleaning and removing fingerprints. It serves a dual purpose.

A recommended stand is the adjustable stand, click here.  The adjustable stand allows you to see either your face reflected (for past life regressions) or adjust the mirror only to focus on its black void. (achieves a quicker altered state).


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