Bloodstone Natural Stone


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Bloodstone is believed to have magical and mystical properties. In ancient days it is said that this crystal was an "audible oracle" emitting sounds as a means of guidance. Bloodstone is said to banish negativity and evil and heightening intuition making it a wonderful grounding and protection stone. It is said on a emotional level that Bloodstone helps to ground the heart energy, reducing irritability, aggressiveness and also impatience. It is a popular stone to use daily for good health.

Color: Deep Green - Red
Chakra: Lower Chakras
Element: Fire
Energies: Projective
Planet: Mars
Powers: Courage, Wealth, Strength, Healing, Power
Size: approx 1 1/2 inch
Source: India

Price is for one natural stone, grouping shown to example natural variations.

Perfect size for your gem jewelry supplies too! create energetic wire wrapped jewelry or encase in a spiral cage for the perfect pendant!


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