Sunstone Tumbled Stone


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Tumblestones are crystals that have been polished by being turned in a drum with water until they have a beautiful highly polished finish. Tumblestones are a perfect size to carry in your pocket or pouch to keep them close by. They are popular for use in meditation and for placing around or on the body during crystal healing.

Looking for a feel good stone? Try sunstone, this wonderful crystal shows off an amazing orange color and contains tiny specks of hematite that give it an additional extra sparkle.
Sunstone was associated with the Sun during the Rennaissance period because of its lovely sparkly coloring of an orange-gold hue. It was used by magicians to call upon the influences of the sun. With these said powers of the sun and light, Sunstone is believed to clear and clean all the body chakra points, restoring joy and nurturing the spirit. It is particularly energizing to the Base and Sacral Chakras, stimulating leadership and will, creativity and sexuality, this is mentioned in Judy Halls books.
In ancient times peoples believed that this crystal once formed part of the sun and fell to earth during a full solar eclipse!

Color: orange, peach, sparkles
Source: Norway, Russia, Tanzania
Approx: 1" to 1/2" very chunky

Price is for ONE stone, grouping shown to example natural variations. Wire wrap for amazing pendants and gemstone jewelry, wrap with copper, silver, drill and much more!

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