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Did You Know? In the olde days Hagstones were popular charms to use around the home for protection? (photo shows the one we have in our home along with an iron key.) A hagstone displays a naturally worn hole from nature. Once as popular as using the lucky horseshoe to protect against negative influences and attract good, people would also wear hagstones around the neck. They were popular to hang in the barn too on rural properties, keeping away the naughty fairy folk from the horses through the night hours! 

New large scrying mirrors!

In history we can read of the Anglo-Welsh mathematician John Dee (1527–1608/9) also astronomer, astrologer, teacher, but mostly well known as an alchemist and court astronomer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I who famously used a black obsidian scrying mirror. His mirror can be found in the British Museum along with other pieces of Dee's [...]

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Sunburn Relief

We just entered June and the weather is certainly warming up. We have already had some 90 degree days in May, it's going to be a hot one. If you find you are a little red after spending too much time out try this little simple relief recipe, apply several times a day for skin [...]

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Bidde McBoots is Causing Mischief!

If you find this mischievous little witch (who goes by the name of Bidde McBoots) while shopping in the store please return her to the counter to receive your reward! Your great service in stopping mischief will get you 50% off an item, a gift, a potion, well you get the idea!

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New Sage Coming!

Salvia, known in English as "Sage", from the Latin meaning "health". It is known as the plant of immortality and has been used for centuries in ritual by tribes and peoples from around the world. As well as it being a popular incense it has also been turned into pastes and medicinal ointments too.

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New ONLINE Tarot Group!

Every month we offer a free event at the store, Tarot & Tea, a monthly gathering of like minded people who come together to play and practice reading with their cards and different decks while sharing their gained knowledge and wisdom and also learning from each other. Well, we now have an ONLINE Tarot group.  [...]

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Mugwort, Mighty in Word and Deed

Mighty in word and deed, my favorite herb, Mugwort. Strongly connected to divination and the third eye center assisting in developing a stronger awareness. Walk with mugwort this coming week, connected to the moon, blooming at night Mugwort whispers be still, be quiet, work at night with me and I will help you reconnect to [...]

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Faerie Cakes!

Our Faerie cakes are fresh from the oven and smell divine! In days gone by faerie cakes where baked for their magical properties, it was believed you would see the faerie folk and that they worked as a fertility charm!  Associated holidays: Yule, Esbat DinnersWhat You Need: 1 stick butter, 2/3 cups sugar, 2 eggs beaten, [...]

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Pretty Crystal Grid from one of our international customers!

We wanted to share this amazing product review photo from one of our international customers!! What a beautiful use of her crystals and a lovely example how you can incorporate crystals into your daily life, enjoy! 

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