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Mugwort, Mighty in Word and Deed


Mighty in word and deed, my favorite herb, Mugwort. Strongly connected to divination and the third eye center assisting in developing a stronger awareness. Walk with mugwort this coming week, connected to the moon, blooming at night Mugwort whispers be still, be quiet, work at night with me and I will help you reconnect to your inner self. Burn small pieces of dried mugwort while meditating later at night, jot down thoughts, feelings, images that come to mind. Keep a journal by your bed and jot down dreams. In magic...Kat.

Faerie Cakes!

Our Faerie cakes are fresh from the oven and smell divine! In days gone by faerie cakes where baked for their magical properties, it was believed you would see the faerie folk and that they worked as a fertility charm!  Associated holidays: Yule, Esbat DinnersWhat You Need: 1 stick butter, 2/3 cups sugar, 2 eggs beaten, [...]

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Pretty Crystal Grid from one of our international customers!

We wanted to share this amazing product review photo from one of our international customers!! What a beautiful use of her crystals and a lovely example how you can incorporate crystals into your daily life, enjoy! 

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A Wee Bit of Moon Magic

A Wee Bit of Moon Magic: tomorrow on July 27th it will be a full moon also known as a Buck Moon, named after the antlers that appear from the buck's forehead, it also goes by other names such as Hay Moon, Wort Moon and, Thunder Moon.The Anglo-Saxons called it either Thunder Moon or Wort [...]

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