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Benefits of Blue

Crystal Tip - Use blue crystals to assist with healing and calming of the mind, blue has been associated with calming the mind since ancient Egyptian times.Place blue crystals around the home to fill it with peaceful vibrations. Blue is the color that stimulates the throat chakra and assists with communication - blue light is created [...]

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Astrophyllite Wands Are In

Astrophyllite is a pretty rare crystal and is worthy in anyone's collection.  Astrophyllite displays beautiful flashes of color across the surface of the stone in blade like fashion.   This stone gets it's name from Greek words astron meaning "star" and phyllon meaning "leaf".  It is found in a few locations being Canada, USA, Norway. Greenland, Russia, Morrocco, China and Brazil [...]

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Hematite Spheres Just In!

Small spheres are great for use in feng shui around the home, for personal altars, massage use, gem kits and for crystal healing to name just a few uses.  Our Hematite spheres are small at 30mm making them great to hold in ones hand.   Hematite has a wonderful shiny finish and makes an effective grounding [...]

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Crystal Tip for Desk Space

Crystal Tip: to encourage productivity at your work space clean up the desk clutter as this inhibits your creativity. Try placing crystals such as sodalite, rhodochrosite, citrine or chalcedony to enhance your creative side and allow inspiration to flow. Placing crystals on a clutter free desk brings about a sense of well-being to your work-day!

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Enjoy the Pendulum Sale!

We are currently offering 15% off all pendulums, this is a great opportunity to add to your collection or start your dowsing journey.  Using a pendulum is a great way to tune into ones inner self. Popular uses include working on your energy field and chakras, finding lost objects, asking questions and much more!  I [...]

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