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Using crystal wands in your well-being practice.

Using crystal wands in your well-being practice.

30th May 2021

Did You Know? Crystal wands are great to incorporate into your personal well-being practice. Crystal wands are popular to help alleviate headaches: if your wand is rounded (as in the photo) gently roll the wand over your forehead, also a little essential oil on the palm will allow you to also breathe in soothing aroma. Use the rounded end to very gently massage lavender essential oil onto the temples, behind ears and or lower neck area. If you have a pointed wand, place the wand tip facing the
Sunburn Relief

Sunburn Relief

Posted by Kathryn Brown on 3rd Jun 2019

We just entered June and the weather is certainly warming up. We have already had some 90 degree days in May, it's going to be a hot one. If you find you are a little red after spending too much time out try this little simple relief recipe, apply several times a day for skin care.  Essential Oils: 3 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Chamomile and, 1 teaspoon (5ml) or Aloe Vera Gel.  Most people have lavender, but if you do not have chamomile oil on hand just increase the lavende

Storing Essential Oils

Posted by Kathryn on 13th Mar 2016

Did you know the best way to store your essential oils is in your refrigerator?  Keeping them in a cool dark place keeps the temperature even so your oils do not go through temperature fluctuations which can happen if you leave near a window or sitting out on a counter top. Always make sure your oils are in dark colored bottles, we often find them in the old fashioned brown tinted glass but we can now find oils available in cool looking dark green and blue bottles which work just as well.&n

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