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Benefits of Blue


Crystal Tip - Use blue crystals to assist with healing and calming of the mind, blue has been associated with calming the mind since ancient Egyptian times.
Place blue crystals around the home to fill it with peaceful vibrations. 
Blue is the color that stimulates the throat chakra and assists with communication - blue light is created by electromagnetic waves from 4,300 to 4,900 angstroms long, it has the 2nd largest range of wavelengths in the color spectrum, making it an extremely powerful presence in our lives. 
Use a blue candle in meditation with blue crystals.
Blue Sodalite from the Latin "sodalities" means "a comrade".
Blue Sodalite was used by the Egyptian priests as it was believed to help strengthen the mind and dispel fear. 
Blue Lapis Lazuli has been prized since 4000BC in ancient Sumeria.
Blue Agate helps to bring tranquility, a stone many use to meditate with when feeling over-whelmed.