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Enjoy the Pendulum Sale!



We are currently offering 15% off all pendulums, this is a great opportunity to add to your collection or start your dowsing journey.  Using a pendulum is a great way to tune into ones inner self. Popular uses include working on your energy field and chakras, finding lost objects, asking questions and much more!  I find working with my own personal pendulum to be relaxing, I quite often seek out my pendulum when I am a little indecisive about something or to work on energy fields to see if any energy is stagnant in any area and needs unblocking for both self and others.  My personal pendulum is a plain smoky quartz, followed by an apophyllite tip pendulum, we will be adding some lovely apophyllite tips to our selection this week that we just received in so keep a look out for new gem varieties being added for the rest of this month, each pendulum is supplied in a drawstring pouch for safekeeping, the sale runs through  Feb 1st too!  Best wishes to you on your journey!  Crystal blessings by star and by stone.....Kathryn