Beginner's Crystal Kit with Pouch


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The stones..the magic...are waiting.  I have put together a lovely selection of high quality gemstones for the beginner crystal collector or anyone who wants to add to their own collection.   This set contains ten popular tumbled stones and are listed below.  There are hundreds of gemstones too collect and you will find once you start you cannot stop!  Each stone carries it's own beauty, mystery and energy.  You may be drawn to the blue Sodalite for it's peaceful energy to use while meditating or the sparkling yellow Citrine for it's uplifting energy and the grounding effects of Black Onyx, I hope you enjoy your journey with the crystals and allow them to infuse your life with healing energies.


Your Beginner's Crystal Kit will come with the ten stones shown in the burgundy velvet pouch along with an informational card for each crystal.

The stones vary in size as shown, please expect stones from approx 3/4" to 1" in length. If any crystal is out of stock we will replace with a similar stone. 


Black Obsidian: protection, strength

Carnelian: vitality, motivation

Citrine: self-confidence, wealth, prosperity

Green Aventurine: comforter, emotional calm

Howlite: calming, wisdom

Moonstone: intuition, psychic abilities

Red Jasper: stimulates, protects

Sodalite: meditation, peace

Tigers Eye: balance, good luck

Unakite: gentle, grounding


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