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Bloodstone rune set comes with 25 highly polished carved runes in a velveteen pouch displaying the Elder Futhark runes. This is an Elder Futhark set. 

Bloodstone also known as Heliotrope is believed to have magical and mystical properties. In ancient days it is said that this crystal was an "audible oracle" emitting sounds as a means of guidance. Bloodstone is said to banish negativity and evil and heightening intuition making it a wonderful grounding and protection stone. It is said on a emotional level that Bloodstone helps to ground the heart energy, reducing irritability, aggressiveness and also impatience. It is a popular stone to use daily for good health.  Bloodstone is also used in spells to draw money or increase wealth, it is said to calm fears and anger while assisting victory in legal matters. 

This set also contains a blank rune (additional stone with no stave carved on) also known as Odin's rune or the Wyrd rune - this is a modern day addition which some people prefer. If you prefer to stay with the more traditional feel of rune casting you can omit this stone from your castings. Use your own intuition as to if you would like to keep the blank rune in your set, enjoy your journey!

25 rune stones, size approx. 1"



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