Tigers Eye Rune Stones

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Tigers Eye rune set come with 25 carved runes a velveteen pouch and explanation scroll.

Metaphysical: Tigers Eye combines the sun and earth energies which creates a high energy vibration. Place on third eye for enhancing psychic connections and abilities. This stone in days gone by was carried around as a talisman to protect against ill wishes and curses. 

This set contains a blank rune also known as Odin's rune or the Wyrd rune - this is a modern day addition which some people prefer. If you prefer to stay with the more traditional feel of rune casting like myself you would omit this stone from your set. No where in history has a blank rune been found.  Use your own intuition as to if you would like to keep the blank rune in your set, enjoy your journey!

Instructional scroll includes:

  • What To Do
  • One Rune Layout
  • Three Runes Layout
  • Five Runes Layout (Odin's Cross)
  • The Four Elements Cast
  • Listing of each rune with rune meaning and outcome. 
Approx. size: 1" 



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