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Mookaite Palmstone

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Palm Stones are a great way to enjoy the crystal energy by carrying on ones pocket, they do not have a thumb indention as the worry stones do but do have a nice flat surface with polished finish. Palm Stones also work well for using as lay stones on the body in crystal healing, meditation or chakra balancing.

Mookaite is believed to be good for grounding, dreams and building self-esteem. It helps against depression and fears allowing life to move forward. Mookaite is also believed to help with communication and offers general protection.
Size Varies: 1.5 to 1.75"

Please allow for variations especially with Mookaite as you can see in the photograph Mookaite shows beautiful varying colors and shades.

Price is per stone and is supplied in a small velveteen pouch.

Name: Mookaite (Jasper)
Chakra:Varies by Color
Astrological: All
Hardness: 7
Source: Australia

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