Iron Ball

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Iron has been viewed as a magical material for centuries, and we can read about the lore of Iron in many different cultures. People who worked with iron were viewed as people with magical abilities. Here are a few examples from the book Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition by Nigel Pennick. 

  • It was believed if a blacksmith hammered an ingot of iron held in the north-south direction the iron would be empowered as a magnet. 
  • In the late Roman Empire, iron nails marked with images and inscriptions were used in magical rites. 
  • Iron nails driven into doorposts for good luck can be seen at many old Inn's in Great Britain.
  • Pins made of iron feature strongly in northern European folk magic as well as in American hoodoo. 

Price is for one iron ball. 

Unit Weight: 1.500

2 inches

Solid Iron


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