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Pure Incense - Agarwood


Product Description

Pure-Incense is a premium-class quality incense that will impress you every time you light a stick and awaken moods, qualities and emotions according to the subtle properties of each unique fragrance. Pure-Incense is temple grade meaning that it is the purest incense available. Its fragrance and refinement is of a unique quality. Pure Incense immediately creates a spiritual atmosphere, conducive for meditation and attainment of inner peace. 

Top selling potent mystic incense, woody, sweet bitter and camphor notes entice you into the spiritual realm. 

Agarwood is a mystical resin which is used for meditation unlocking the subconscious and balancing the life airs or chi. Agarwood is highly psychoactive. It is used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding. Buddhists use it for transmutation of ignorance. Tibetan monks use it to bring energy to the center and calm the mind and spirit.

The Sufis use Agarwood oil in their esoteric ceremonies and Japanese Shamans use it for its psychoactive properties it opens the third eye as well as all of the upper chakras. It is recommended by experienced practitioners for providing motivation and devotion to meditation. It brings communication with the transcendent, refreshes the mind and body, drives away evil spirits, takes away exhaustion, removes impurities, expels negative energies, brings alertness, relieves anxiety, invokes a sense of strength and peace, creating natural order in your sacred living areas, enhances cerebral functioning, calms the nervous system, remedies nervous disorders such as neurosis, obsessive behavior, etc., and it is a companion in solitude. In China It is said that prayers arise with the fragrant smoke of Aloeswood incense carrying the prayer to the Creator.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure Ultra Ground Charcoal, Clear White Bamboo, Flower Petals, Flower Essences, Amber Resins, Sandalwood (santalum album), Cedar (cedrus deodora), Vanilla Powder (vanilla planafolia), Gum Elemi (canarium luzonicum), Gum Opoponax (opoponnax chironium koch), Gum Labdanum (cistus ladaniferus), Gum Copal (bursera ordorata), Mastic (pistacia lentiscus), Gum Dammar (shorea wiesneri), Gum Myrrh (commiphora myrrha), Makko Powder (machillus thunbergil), Tragacanth Gum (astragalus species), Gum Olibanum-Frankincense (boswellia spp.), Gum Arabic (acacia nilotica)

Pure and natural temple-grade incense supplied in a box 10 grams (10 sticks)

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  1. Calming

    Posted by Christina Stephens on 15th May 2020

    I love this scent. I burn it in my house at least 3 times a week. It gives me a calm feeling. Thank you very much. Delivery was perfect timing.

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