Palo Santo Protection Rune Sticks

Green Earth Stones

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Use for ritual work and clearing energy while bringing in the runic power. Palo Santo is a natural wood used for centuries by indigenous cultures, shamans and healers to rid evil spirits, bad energy while purifying and cleansing energy from space while bringing about protection. I have burnt bind runes upon each piece using Elder Futhark runes.

Bind rune consists of:
Thurisaz: strong defense
Tiwaz: balance
Othala: inheritance, wealth in family bonds
Gebo: gift
Algiz: protect property, defense

Each stick can be burned and re-lit many times. It gives off a sweet, warm fragrance with a hint of frankincense. It is a very spiritual wood.

**If you need a custom stick, we will gladly burn your requested runes prior to shipping at no extra cost**
**Bulk stick needed with custom markings is also offered please contact for amount/pricing**

Size approx. 4" in length

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