Agate, Green Tree Tumble Stone


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Tree Agate is a beautiful stone which resembles foliage.  It is a type of dendritic agate, this crystal contains green dendritic inclusions. The inclusions look like tiny tree branches or foliage throughout the white base of the stone.  In ancient times, the Egyptians used agate stones to create rings, seals, and vessels. Agates were used as talismans by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Indians. It is believed to be a useful stone for gardeners, having a strong connection to the earth, making it a wonderful gardener's talisman.  

Color:  Green and mottled white
Chakra: Heart and Crown
Source: India, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay
Hardness: 7
Size: 1 inch
Price is for one stone, grouping shown to example natural variations.

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