Astrophyllite Tumbled Stone ONE

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Amazing Astrophyllite stone, these stones are amazing, most showing flashes of bladed crystals. Flashes of bronze, golden, blues. On most stones when you hold the stone and tilt back and forth the metallic lustre shown seems to "come alive" . This stone gets it's name from Greek words astron meaning "star" and phyllon meaning "leaf". 

Metaphysical: it is said that Astrophyllite assists in astral travel and provides a method for one to view oneself from the outside. It allows for the recognition that one has no limitations.

(NOTE: please allow for slight variations in flashes of color, each one is beautiful and unique!
Great healing stones which can be incorporated in to a healers practice!

Approx Size: 1+"
Hardness: Mohs Scale: 3 -4 
Sources: Canada, USA, Norway. Greenland, Russia

Price is for ONE premium grade stone, grouping shown to example natural variations.
Perfect size for your gem jewelry supplies too! create energetic wire wrapped jewelry or encase in a spiral cage for the perfect pendant!

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