Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

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Red Jasper is a gently stimulating stone. It is believed to be a good stone to use for bringing problems to light before they become to overbearing, it is used for astral travel, dream recall and meditation. Red Jasper is a wonderful stone to carry in the pocket as a "worry bead" to help focus and calm the emotions, it also stimulates the Base Chakras while cleaning and stabilizing the aura.

Approx size: 1" + 
These also make perfect tools for your crystal healing needs, crystal therapy, Reiki, jewlery creation, worry beads, worry stones use your imagination! enjoy! 

Please allow for natural variations to occur, these stone are lovely and chunky with varying patterns as shown in the photograph. Crystals are individual pieces created by nature making your stone unique to you, expect slight coloring, patterning variations within the jasper.

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