Vezuvianite Tumbled Stone ONE

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Tumblestones are crystals that have been polished by being turned in a drum with water until they have a beautiful highly polished finish. Tumblestones are a perfect size to carry in your pocket or pouch to keep them close by. They are popular for use in meditation and for placing around or on the body during crystal healing.

Beautiful premium Vesuvianite! You are purchasing ONE stone. This beautiful crystal was first discovered in the year 1795 by Abraham Gottlob Werner at Mount Vesuvius, Campania  Italy, hence it's name Vesuvianite. Metaphysical: People use this stone to boost enthusiasm for life and bring change.

Color: green, various shades
Chakra: Third Eye, Heart
Composition: green, brown, yellow, or blue silicate mineral
Approx: LARGE 1 to 1.1/4" inch

Price is for ONE stone, grouping shown to example natural variations. Wire wrap for amazing pendants and gemstone jewelry, wrap with copper, silver, drill and much more!

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