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Blue Tigers Eye Tumbled Stone Large

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Pretty and large Blue Tigers Eye, tilt this stone and watch it shimmer! photo shown of current stock and they are wonderfully smooth. This stone is also known as Hawk's Eye, connect to the throat chakra and also third eye chakra. A good chakra energy balancing stone and also a stone people carry if they are nervous with speaking in front of others.

Tumblestones are crystals that have been polished by being turned in a drum with water until they have a beautiful highly polished finish. Tumblestones are a perfect size to carry in your pocket or pouch to keep them close by. They are popular for use in meditation and for placing around or on the body during crystal healing.

These large size tumbled stones are perfect for wire wrapping or hemp wrapping into pendants and other energetic jewelry pieces. Use also for feng shui placements, crystal layout grids and much more!

Size: LARGE, One Stone 1"+
Source: South Africa

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