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Goldstone BLUE Tumbled Stone Large

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We are in love with the blue goldstones and think they should be called galaxy stones as when you stare at them it's like peering into a starry sky and even though they are man made don't let that put you off! They are wonderful stones to work with and the deep blue makes it a wonderful stone to incorporate into your color energy work. 

It's origins began in the 17th century in Venice, Italy by the Miotti family, which was granted an exclusive license. Urban legend says goldstone was an accidental discovery by unspecified Italian monks or the product of alchemy, but there is no pre-Miotti documentation to prove this happened.

The pretty sparkly look of the stone comes from the tiny crystals of metallic copper that require special conditions to form properly. It is created by the first batch being melted together from a combination of silica, copper oxide, and other metal oxides to chemically reduce the copper ions to elemental copper. The vat is then sealed off from the air and maintained within a narrow temperature range, keeping the glass hot enough to remain liquid while allowing metallic crystals to precipitate from solution without melting or oxidizing. After this crystallization period, the batch is cooled to a single solid mass, then it's broken out of the vat for shaping. 

Price is per stone
Size: approx 1.1"
Color: Deep Blue with sparkles

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